Workbooks FAN smThe CCMC Examination Workbooks are a series of workbooks designed to be the final stage of preparation for all of the CCMC written examinations. They include sample examinations and questions for Materials of Music (Music Theory), Bible Basics, and Survey of Christian Music (Music History). While they are not instructional volumes, students will find that upon completion of the workbooks, they are well prepared for the written examinations.

There are four Volumes of Grade Level Examination Workbooks corresponding to the Elementary, Junior, Intermediate and Advanced Grade Levels. The fifth Volume contains preparation material for the three Diploma Levels (A.Mus.Min., F.Mus.Min. and L.Ch.Mus.Ed.). The Workbooks include a list of resource material. The four Grade Level Workbooks are presently available and the Diploma Level Workbook is currently in production.


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